श्रम कानूनों के तहत सामाजिक और तकनीकी अनुपालन पर एक संगोष्ठी

  • Date: Jan 11 To Nov 30

A seminar was organized in connection with Social and Technical compliances under labour laws in collaboration with the WRAP by “Law of Labour” Advisors Association-U.P., at Radisson Blue Sector 18 Noida. The program was inaugurated by Lalit Thukral (Chairman) NAEC, Director of Boiler U.P.- Sandeep Gupta, Deputy Labour Commissioner Mr P.K. Singh, Chairman R C Mathur and State President Satendra Singh, by lighting the lamp.

Lalit Thukral (Chairman) NAEC told the people present that such event should be organized in Gautam Buddha Nagar as being an industrial city it is necessary for this place. All factory owners must get training of First Aid for their staff and management and only the St. John Ambulance has been authorized in the Factory Act for this training. This gives priority to any emergency because of which people’s lives can be saved. Employers of all garment factories must give such training to their employees so that they can get benefit in the factory during any kind of accident.

Chairman R.C. Mathur welcomed all the guest in his inaugural speech. And said that this is a great achievement for LLAA-U.P.

State President of LLAA-U.P. Mr Satendra Singh said that the purpose of our organization is to give information about the factory and establishment owners about their rights and labour laws. Whatever accidents happen in factories, they are all in the absence of knowledge. Therefore, all industries, especially the garment industries, grow their exports with such information and compliance. Because all the Compliance is very important for ordering supply of goods from overseas.

Also said about sexual harassment at workplace that India already has one of the lowest ratios of working women in the world. It would be disastrous if companies, unclear about sexual harassment, take the easy way out by simply rejecting women in favour of men.

We need a better law that defines harassment properly and makes every workplace obligated to deal with it.

On this occasion, Asst. Provident Fund Commissioner, Shasvat Shukla said that the government will get more and more facilities in the industries, so that the whole 12 percent of the employer will be borne by the government for the next three years, so that the workers can get convenience and no burden on the employer. Employees can now get their PF online from anywhere.

Deputy Director of ESI, Ashutosh Giri said that now the facility of ESI is being provided to the workers online and no problems are being given to the workers. All employers need to pay attention to the convenience of all the workers of ESI facility. All the medicines are available in the dispensary, as well as the ESI is now beginning to open the Dispensary in every district as a public partner, which is expected to be very successful.

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