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  • 1 -Medical benefit means the medical attendance and treatment to the insured persons covered under the Act and their families as and when needed. This is the only benefit provided in kind through the State Governments including Model Hospitals run by ESI Corporation (except in Delhi), and uniformly to all as per their requirement without linking it to their wages and contributions.
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    Unless you start learning to take the negative feedback or criticism in right perspective, it will eat your confidence and you will be more in trouble by repeating mistakes or wrong doings. It appears that you are unable to organise and control your emotions at workplace which is very necessary for peace of mind and focusing on work. I suggest that first you should understand the underlying message behind the criticism or negative feedback and not the tone. Sometimes tone may overpower or distort the real message; your boss wants to pass on. Try to maintain your calm and don’t get provoked. Try to find out the real cause of such negative reaction. What triggered him to respond negatively? What was the source? Address the cause so that it does not happen again.

    In case you feel that the criticism is just unwanted, irrelevant and only due to the reason of frustration of your boss for some other reason, then politely accept it, put your correct facts and make him realise that he dialled wrong number. Here your skill of communicating without hurting his ego will play an important role. Do not challenge him. But show him the correct picture. Let him realise later on that he should not have criticised his subordinate.

    You should not forget that criticising someone at his face is not easy. It requires courage even by the boss. So, don’t take it negative all the time. It may also be due to the reason that your boss expects much more from you and you have failed yourself on his expectations. In many cases you receive negative reaction because your boss cares enough about you to share honestly and give you a chance to improve further. He may be your well wisher too. 


  • 1 -No .It is a prerogative of the employer to work for 5 days or 6 days but the employees are not responsible for that.Hence the gratuity will be calculated as if an employee is working for 26 days in month. Reference is made to one case, decided by Bombay High Court, wherein it has been held that the payment of gratuity to an employee working in an establishment for 22 days in a month will be calculated @ 26 day's workiing in a month . The Madras High Court has also followed the ratio as laid down by the Bombay High Court . It is immaterial whether the employees are working for 22 days or more in a month.


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    It has come to my notice that after you finish work here, on most nights and at some weekends, you work part time for …………….. (‘XY Company’).

    What you do in your own time is, of course, a matter for you but I must urge you to consider your health and caution you against doing too much. Your work here must not be allowed to suffer, which must mean that you must get an adequate amount of rest.  Your attention is also invited to section 60 of the Factories Act, 1948 and provisions of Shops and Establishments Act wherein double employment is prohibited.

    I must also warn you that in some cases we are in direct competition with ‘XY Company’ and you must ensure that you do not disclose to them anything that you may have learned of our business, nor do anything that might help them in competition with us.

    For and on behalf of the management

    Authorised Signatory.....


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    While going through your attendance record we find that you have been irregular in attending your work besides persistently coming late or leaving the work place earlier than the prescribed time for joining and leaving which results into dislocation of work besides inconvenience to the Management and your colleagues. You have been repeatedly warned/reprimanded orally but of no effect since you have neither improved your regularity in attendance nor punctuality.  On the contrary, it has further deteriorated.  During the last three months, you have absented yourself from duty without any application or intimation on the following occasions besides coming late or leaving earlier than the duty hours.

    (Herein mention the dates when employee has remained absent or came late or left earlier than the duty hours).

    Please note that irregularity in attendance and non-observance of punctuality cannot be tolerated at the cost of efficiency and discipline. Although the management has every justification in dispensing with your services but a lenient view is being taken and as such you are hereby warned to improve your regularity and punctuality failing which the Management will be compelled to take appropriate disciplinary action against you.

    For & on behalf of the Management

    Authorised Signatory....

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    This is with reference to the chargesheet dated ………………. wherein grave and serious charges were levied against you.  You were given 48 hours for submission of your explanation to the chargesheet but you have failed to make the compliance.  Although the management is within its rights to draw an irresistible presumption that in the absence of any explanation you have admitted the charges nevertheless the management has decided to hold an enquiry by appointing independent and impartial Enquiry Officer Mr. ………………………Advocate who will intimate you time, date and venue of the enquiry.   You are advised to participate in the enquiry in your own interest. 

    Yours faithfully,

    Authorised Signatory

    CC to – Mr. ………………………Advocate.....